The Triumvirate Reasons Why Teens Seek Drug Abuse

Dating back in the mid 60’s or in the last stages of the 70’s drug abuse has become an irritating problem of society. It was like opening the famous Pandora’s Box releasing every possible evil in the entire world. The problem of drug abuse has survived the test of time and the attempt of every human being on eradicating it. People back then used drugs such as (weed) marijuana and possible opium or heroine. Their formulations are considered mild compared to the drugs kids use today. Drug problem is a proven menace of society and despite all the efforts of authorities to control it, most of time their hard work and persistence would be lost.

Fighting your way back from drug abuse is long and debilitating process. Drugs have destroyed millions of lives and families around the world. The trend would continue up to the next generations as long as we don’t monitor welfare of our kids. The truth is that the authorities don’t have enough man power and funding in fighting the threat of drugs. Newer prohibited drugs were developed to lure teenagers in all parts of the world. It is clear that the adolescent scene is far different from the time of the parents. Some kids recognize the use of drugs as way to be included in the certain group. They approach it with less negativity which is a big blow for the part of their folks.

Reasons why kids lean on drugs

More on psychological

Most kids who seek the help of dangerous narcotic drugs simply have issue in their families. They try to find a way to numb their feelings to the current problems they are facing. Teenagers who were mold into a broken family usually possess drug issues. In this matter the parents should be the one to blame for the outcome of the kids life. The earlier the teen use drugs the greater the consequences he or she would face in the future. Teenagers of today are vulnerable to drug addictions, it is due to some negative influences presented to them in various ways. Like when try bad things you are cool.

Effects society

Social factors are considered to a fundamental aspect of drug addiction. Once again family would be in the center of the crossfire. Even back then peer pressure is constant immovable forces that either make you or break you. Basically teens are attention seekers, if their parents couldn’t provide it more often they would seek from an outside source. It could be in the form of friends, groups, and the worst part gangs.

Biologically it is in you

If drug addiction is a common problem in your family, then it is considered to fall under biological factor. A history of drug abuse in the family should be dealt with as soon as possible. The annoying part of being a teenager is they are that immature to handle influences and of these influences are more on the negative side. Any where you put it drugs won’t do anything good to your health. Your parents might help, however the decision it’s all up to you kid.